Cut-Way Enterprise Model Makes It Way Easier To Build Your Own Starship

If you've tried and failed to build your own starship to explore the universe, it's maybe because you just didn't have a thorough understanding of how a craft like the USS Enterprise works. So if you've got it in you to try one more time, this cutaway model of Kirk's pride and joy should give you all the insight you need to build a ship capable of travelling at the speed of light.

All of the Enterprise's secrets are laid bare with this 18-inch long, 8-inch tall model. From engineering, to the warp nacelles, to the bridge, they're all visible on the left side of the craft under a protective clear plastic outer layer. You'll have to scale up the dimensions, of course, if you intend to catch a ride. And while some might baulk at the model's $US175 price tag, that's a drop in the cosmic bucket if you're hoping to explore the heavens.


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