Behind The Scenes At The World's Most Famous Haunted House

Love or hate haunted houses, it's hard to deny the fact that their ability to turn otherwise rational adults into whimpering shells of their former selves is, to say the least, fairly impressive. Now, thanks to the new Haunted Mansion Backstage tumblr, you can see exactly how they turn all that dated robotic tech into some of our worst nightmares.

More specifically, the tumblr focuses on Disney's famed Haunted Mansion and collects photos from all over the internet of the ride's carefully guarded inner workings.

While these photos will certainly take some of the mystery out of the experience if you've never been before (in other words, spoilers lie ahead), it really is pretty amazing to get this rare view into the backend of a truly amazing show. Especially when the control room itself is creepier than the show for, uh, slightly different reasons:

Head over to the tumblr to see the rest of the photographs, and keep checking back — there will surely be more to come. [Haunted Mansion Backstage via BoingBoing]

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