Bank Of America’s Twitter Account Is One Really Dumb Robot

Bank Of America’s Twitter Account Is One Really Dumb Robot

It’s always nice to get a response from Company X’s official Twitter account when you rage-tweet about how Company X is so terrible and awful. It seems like it actually cares about you! It seems like it wants to help! It seems like it’s… human. Too bad it’s usually just stupid robots.

It’s a hilariously epic mistake by the official BofA Help Twitter account. When Twitter user @darthmarkh tweeted about how he was chased away by cops after drawing chalk in front of a New York City Bank of America that was pointing out how BofA was taking away people’s homes, the BofA Help Twitter account decided to jump in and asked @darthmarkh if he needed help with his account… completely ignoring the fact that @darthmarkh was eviscerating Bank of America right in front of its face.

It gets worse for BofA though. When other people jumped into @darthmarkh’s replies, they all get mentioned by the same BofA Help Twitter account with the same generic answers. It’s completely embarrassing because NO ONE is actually asking for help, they’re all just destroying Bank of America (with the ammo Bank of America is providing no less).

You’d think the robot behind these tweets would have better filters that would allow it to ignore people who don’t have Bank of America bank accounts and are clearly making fun of Bank of America, but NOPE. You’d think there might be some human oversight, but NOPE. It’s just large corporations making a fool of itself on the internet.

Here’s the disastrous tweet session by Bank of America. You can see the entire exchange here and the tweet that started it off here.