3D Printed Sugar Is Intricately Beautiful

Forget medical applications and guns: when 3D printing is this beautiful, I don't care if the result is only good for sweetening my coffee.

Liz and Kyle von Hasseln, from The Sugar Lab, have taken 3D printing to a new level. With a background in architecture, the pair have developed 3D printing processes which allow them to design, digitally model and print weird and wacky sugar sculptures. Brace yourself for a beautiful new world of confectionary.

Inspired by the desire to print a birthday cake for a friend, the project hasn't proved straightforward. Now though, two years later, they've succeeded in creating something spectacular. The process uses a mixture of water and alcohol, layer-by-layer to selectively wet and harden a sugar substrate. In essence it's just like normal 3D printing, just optimised for sugar — and the results are pretty sweet. [The Sugar Lab via Ignant]

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