13 Ads That Feature Mythical Gods Selling Modern Products

Gods, goddesses, fairies and other mythical creatures aren't just the stuff of religious stories. In the early days of modern advertising, they invaded magazines and billboards too, hocking everything from electricity to gasoline. Did you know there's a god of batteries?

It makes a lot of sense. Brands wanted to associate their products with dependability, desirability, and power — what better way to communicate that than a literal higher power? Eventually, these gods and goddesses were replaced by movie stars and jingles — but it was a fascinating time in advertising. Here's a selection of images that show these early Gods of Consumerism.

This alluring fairy wants you to buy a Rayon d'Or light fixture (1895).

Picture: Jean de Paleologue/Library of Congress

This giant protects your home during air raids. (Hungarian war-time poster from around 1938.)

Picture: Endre Hollós/Hospital In The Rock, Budapest

Here, the mighty God of Electricity from 1943.

Picture: Paul Malon

This Jinn and Gould Battery has mythical powers (1947).

Picture: Paul Malon

The Goddess of AL Alarm Systems secures your home with grace.

Picture: Paul Malon

UNIC automobiles give you the strength of a centaur.

Picture: L’Illustration - Noel, 4 Décembre 1926./L’Illustration, 11 Mai 1929.

God wants Planter's Dry Roasted Peanuts — so you do too (1979).

Picture: Paul Malon

A divine beacon in the night (1927).

Picture: Paul Malon

No demon can harm your Torrilhon tyres. (Poster by Leonetto Cappiello.)

Picture: Paul Malon

These beautiful fairies want you to buy Petrol Stella. (Poster by Henri Boulanger, 1897.)

Picture: Paul Malon

A mighty angel is at the wheel of your Georges Richard automobile, (Poster by Henri Bellery Defontaines, 1904.)

Picture: Paul Malon

Another angel works for Pain's unrivalled Electric Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Novelties, 1900.

Picture: Paul Malon

This sublime muse invites you to the Szeged Open-Air Festival (Poster by György Konecsni, 1939.)

Picture: Pintér Aukciósház

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