Explore Westeros With These Interactive Maps For Game Of Thrones

It's hard to believe there's still an episode to go in the third season of HBO's Game Of Thrones, given the events of the "Rains of Castamere". If you've found the will to emerge from under the bed covers, these interactive maps of Westeros should help you get even more entrenched in the narrative.

Those after extreme levels of detail, it's hard to go past this map over at quartermaester.info. It lets you follow the paths of the main characters, either by TV episode or book chapter, so you can limit your exposure to spoilers. There's a handy search feature and you can zoom in and click on individual locations, which will ferry you to detailed pages on an unofficial wiki (be warned, spoilers likely abound in this encyclopaedic format).

On the other hand, if you've just been following the show and would rather not risk spoilers at all (assuming you're up-to-date), you can hit up HBO's own interactive — and rather fetching — map. Along with location and event breakdowns, it comes with a swag of pretty pictures from character portraits to castle landscapes that should keep your eyes feasting busily for the foreseeable future.

[HBO] [Interactive Game Of Thrones Map]

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