You Won't Believe How Many Keywords The NSA Is Tracking

There has been quite a storm about the US National Security Agency (NSA) tracking users recently. One of the journalists investigating the NSA, James Bamford, yesterday did a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything last night and revealed just how many crazy terms the agency is tracking. Brace yourself.

Bamford and the thread's participants drew the following from here, which reveals that the NSA is tracking the following words:

Waihopai, INFOSEC, Information Security, Information Warfare, IW, IS, Priavacy, Information Terrorism, Terrorism Defensive Information, Defense Information Warfare, Offensive Information, Offensive Information Warfare, National Information Infrastructure, InfoSec, Reno, Compsec, Computer Terrorism, Firewalls, Secure Internet Connections, ISS, Passwords, DefCon V, Hackers, Encryption, Espionage, USDOJ, NSA, CIA, S/Key, SSL, FBI, Secert Service, USSS, Defcon, Military, White House, Undercover, NCCS, Mayfly, PGP, PEM, RSA, Perl-RSA, MSNBC, bet, AOL, AOL TOS, CIS, CBOT, AIMSX, STARLAN, 3B2, BITNET, COSMOS, DATTA, E911, FCIC, HTCIA, IACIS, UT/RUS, JANET, JICC, ReMOB, LEETAC, UTU, VNET, BRLO, BZ, CANSLO, CBNRC, CIDA, JAVA, Active X, Compsec 97, LLC, DERA, Mavricks, Meta-hackers, ?, Steve Case, Tools, Telex, Military Intelligence, Scully, Flame, Infowar, Bubba, Freeh, Archives, Sundevil, jack, Investigation, ISACA, NCSA, spook words, Verisign, Secure, ASIO, Lebed, ICE, NRO, Lexis-Nexis, NSCT, SCIF, FLiR, Lacrosse, Flashbangs, HRT, DIA, USCOI, CID, BOP, FINCEN, FLETC, NIJ, ACC, AFSPC, BMDO, NAVWAN, NRL, RL, NAVWCWPNS, NSWC, USAFA, AHPCRC, ARPA, LABLINK, USACIL, USCG, NRC, ~, CDC, DOE, FMS, HPCC, NTIS, SEL, USCODE, CISE, SIRC, CIM, ISN, DJC, SGC, UNCPCJ, CFC, DREO, CDA, DRA, SHAPE, SACLANT, BECCA, DCJFTF, HALO, HAHO, FKS, 868, GCHQ, DITSA, SORT, AMEMB, NSG, HIC, EDI, SAS, SBS, UDT, GOE, DOE, GEO, Masuda, Forte, AT, GIGN, Exon Shell, CQB, CONUS, CTU, RCMP, GRU, SASR, GSG-9, 22nd SAS, GEOS, EADA, BBE, STEP, Echelon, Dictionary, MD2, MD4, MDA, MYK, 747,777, 767, MI5, 737, MI6, 757, Kh-11, Shayet-13, SADMS, Spetznaz, Recce, 707, CIO, NOCS, Halcon, Duress, RAID, Psyops, grom, D-11, SERT, VIP, ARC, S.E.T. Team, MP5k, DREC, DEVGRP, DF, DSD, FDM, GRU, LRTS, SIGDEV, NACSI, PSAC, PTT, RFI, SIGDASYS, TDM. SUKLO, SUSLO, TELINT, TEXTA. ELF, LF, MF, VHF, UHF, SHF, SASP, WANK, Colonel, domestic disruption, smuggle, 15kg, nitrate, Pretoria, M-14, enigma, Bletchley Park, Clandestine, nkvd, argus, afsatcom, CQB, NVD, Counter Terrorism Security, Rapid Reaction, Corporate Security, Police, sniper, PPS, ASIS, ASLET, TSCM, Security Consulting, High Security, Security Evaluation, Electronic Surveillance, MI-17, Counterterrorism, spies, eavesdropping, debugging, interception, COCOT, rhost, rhosts, SETA, Amherst, Broadside, Capricorn, Gamma, Gorizont, Guppy, Ionosphere, Mole, Keyhole, Kilderkin, Artichoke, Badger, Cornflower, Daisy, Egret, Iris, Hollyhock, Jasmine, Juile, Vinnell, B.D.M.,Sphinx, Stephanie, Reflection, Spoke, Talent, Trump, FX, FXR, IMF, POCSAG, Covert Video, Intiso, r00t, lock picking, Beyond Hope, csystems, passwd, 2600 Magazine, Competitor, EO, Chan, Alouette,executive, Event Security, Mace, Cap-Stun, stakeout, ninja, ASIS, ISA, EOD, Oscor, Merlin, NTT, SL-1, Rolm, TIE, Tie-fighter, PBX, SLI, NTT, MSCJ, MIT, 69, RIT, Time, MSEE, Cable & Wireless, CSE, Embassy, ETA, Porno, Fax, finks, Fax encryption, white noise, pink noise, CRA, M.P.R.I., top secret, Mossberg, 50BMG, Macintosh Security, Macintosh Internet Security, Macintosh Firewalls, Unix Security, VIP Protection, SIG, sweep, Medco, TRD, TDR, sweeping, TELINT, Audiotel, Harvard, 1080H, SWS, Asset, Satellite imagery, force, Cypherpunks, Coderpunks, TRW, remailers, replay, redheads, RX-7, explicit, FLAME, Pornstars, AVN, Playboy, Anonymous, Sex, chaining, codes, Nuclear, 20, subversives, SLIP, toad, fish, data havens, unix, c, a, b, d, the, Elvis, quiche, DES, 1*, NATIA, NATOA, sneakers, counterintelligence, industrial espionage, PI, TSCI, industrial intelligence, H.N.P., Juiliett Class Submarine, Locks, loch, Ingram Mac-10, sigvoice, ssa, E.O.D., SEMTEX, penrep, racal, OTP, OSS, Blowpipe, CCS, GSA, Kilo Class, squib, primacord, RSP, Becker, Nerd, fangs, Austin, Comirex, GPMG, Speakeasy, humint, GEODSS, SORO, M5, ANC, zone, SBI, DSS, S.A.I.C., Minox, Keyhole, SAR, Rand Corporation, Wackenhutt, EO, Wackendude, mol, Hillal, GGL, CTU, botux, Virii, CCC, Blacklisted 411, Internet Underground, XS4ALL, Retinal Fetish, Fetish, Yobie, CTP, CATO, Phon-e, Chicago Posse, l0ck, spook keywords, PLA, TDYC, W3, CUD, CdC, Weekly World News, Zen, World Domination, Dead, GRU, M72750, Salsa, 7, Blowfish, Gorelick, Glock, Ft. Meade, press-release, Indigo, wire transfer, e-cash, Bubba the Love Sponge, Digicash, zip, SWAT, Ortega, PPP, crypto-anarchy, AT&T, SGI, SUN, MCI, Blacknet, Middleman, KLM, Blackbird, plutonium, Texas, jihad, SDI, Uzi, Fort Meade, supercomputer, bullion, 3, Blackmednet, Propaganda, ABC, Satellite phones, Planet-1, cryptanalysis, nuclear, FBI, Panama, fissionable, Sears Tower, NORAD, Delta Force, SEAL, virtual, Dolch, secure shell, screws, Black-Ops, Area51, SABC, basement, data-haven, black-bag, TEMPSET, Goodwin, rebels, ID, MD5, IDEA, garbage, market, beef, Stego, unclassified, utopia, orthodox, Alica, SHA, Global, gorilla, Bob, Pseudonyms, MITM, Gray Data, VLSI, mega, Leitrim, Yakima, Sugar Grove, Cowboy, Gist, 8182, Gatt, Platform, 1911, Geraldton, UKUSA, veggie, 3848, Morwenstow, Consul, Oratory, Pine Gap, Menwith, Mantis, DSD, BVD, 1984, Flintlock, cybercash, government, hate, speedbump, illuminati, president, freedom, cocaine, $, Roswell, ESN, COS, E.T., credit card, b9, fraud, assasinate, virus, anarchy, rogue, mailbomb, 888, Chelsea, 1997, Whitewater, MOD, York, plutonium, William Gates, clone, BATF, SGDN, Nike, Atlas, Delta, TWA, Kiwi, PGP 2.6.2., PGP 5.0i, PGP 5.1, siliconpimp, Lynch, 414, Face, Pixar, IRIDF, eternity server, Skytel, Yukon, Templeton, LUK, Cohiba, Soros, Standford, niche, 51, H&K, USP, , sardine, bank, EUB, USP, PCS, NRO, Red Cell, Glock 26, snuffle, Patel, package, ISI, INR, INS, IRS, GRU, RUOP, GSS, NSP, SRI, Ronco, Armani, BOSS, Chobetsu, FBIS, BND, SISDE, FSB, BfV, IB, froglegs, JITEM, SADF, advise, TUSA, HoHoCon, SISMI, FIS, MSW, Spyderco, UOP, SSCI, NIMA, MOIS, SVR, SIN, advisors, SAP, OAU, PFS, Aladdin, chameleon man, Hutsul, CESID, Bess, rail gun, Peering, 17, 312, NB, CBM, CTP, Sardine, SBIRS, SGDN, ADIU, DEADBEEF, IDP, IDF, Halibut, SONANGOL, Flu, &, Loin, PGP 5.53, EG&G, AIEWS, AMW, WORM, MP5K-SD, 1071, WINGS, cdi, DynCorp, UXO, Ti, THAAD, package, chosen, PRIME, SURVIAC, Hello to all my friends and fans in domestic surveillance

Holy crap.

Hopefully this article is now viewed as just one great big black flag.

Bamford's entire AMA is a fascinating read. He's written three books and a great cover article for Wired on the NSA, so he definitely knows his stuff. Check it out. [Reddit]

Surveillance image via Shutterstock



    Seal? Wow, i know his outburst on the Voice was embarrassing but no need to get the NSA out!

    I love how RX-7 is a tracked word In there.

    "1984" what happened in 84 that is so important ?
    answered my own question
    i guess they now know that I know

    Last edited 14/06/13 11:53 am

    Toad, Fish, Nerd, Basement? Seriously? Whilst I'll admit that they're quite likely a slang or code I'm not familiar with, surely the sheer number of false positives of normal usage outweighs any gains?

    "Bubba the Love Sponge".... WTF?

      It's because he filmed hulk Hogan ploughing his wife

      i think this string of words is used when aryan brothers want to send an encoded letter outside of prison to confirm a hit on someone, witnessed something similar on a documentary on youtube: i know just because the letter says bubba does mean anything but hey who knows :)

    It starts out with stuff you would expect...but beef? Pixar? sneakers?

    Wow a 15 year old source. Bet it's a bit outdated.

    We are talking about an apparent list from 1998 here...but still

    Pixar, Aladdin ? Really ? Are they worried they little animated lamp and a guy on a carpet is going to team up together and kill someone ? Some things in that list are just plain stupid and will be 95% unrelated to something suspicious.

    Search your local hardware store for 'screws' or your kid does a project about 'gorillas' or you search a butcher for cheap 'beef' and next minute a black van pulls up out the front.

    Last edited 14/06/13 12:18 pm

      If you try to screw your gorilla with your beef, shouldn't the RSCPA van pull up?

    ?, &, redhead, zen, and fetish???

    And then, to pick the obvious commies... ABC. I know it's the US version of the ABC, but still pretty funny.

    Surely having "Porno" as a term must be a spam magnet.

    Surely the terrorist organisations would like this list.

    Just copy every single monitored term from the list, then get a tonne of pc's googling them non stop. Extra workload for NSA

      The latest terrorism code!
      Take the terms in this list, and re-arrange them. Post a copy as a "joke on NSA" - and only your fellow terrorists can interpret the re-arrangement of terms as an underlying message.

    As people pointed out that list was last updated in 1998 so a wee bit outdated..

    Still interesting though because it gives you an idea of how much they were tracking pre 9-11 and with old tech ^_^

    So does this mean that all the bad guys are wearing Boss and Armarni? ..... gotta get me some new threads!


      Well there goes my secret shame of what I like to do in my alone time with my computer

    My "Priavacy" is at staek?!

    Oh lawd jesus I carcked up at the Bubba the Love Sponge bit. I google'd it (not on work's internet -- didn't want to get fired if it was NSFW) and umm.. he was involved with the Hulk Hogan sex tape, so I can see why the NSA wants to keep track of him, possibly for reckless endangerment of human life by filming that.

    Someone should write a script to search those keywords over and over. except Bob.. Seriously, Bob?

    Hopefully this article is now viewed as just one great big black flag.

    Hopefully that set PRISIM's computer on fire, so many blacklist words.

    *Hang on there's a knock at the door, i'll just go see who it.....................

    Geez... and i was foolishly JUST about to google "world domination"... erm uhh... for science!

    Ech lon Began in early 90s

    "?" is one. I think with this they more or less tracked the entire internet.

    should create a terrosim story using all of those words, and see if the NSA come after me

    boy has the NSA's job just gotten a lot harder. my guess is from now on they'll have 1000x more rubbish to shift through...AIEWS, AMW, WORM, MP5K-SD, 1071, WINGS, cdi, DynCorp, UXO, Ti, THAAD, package, chosen, PRIME!

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