Win! The World's Fastest D-Link Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router from Gizmodo!

Yay, free stuff. Speedy 802.11ac draft 2.0 stuff! Up for grabs thanks to D-Link: 7x DSL-2890AL Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ modem/routers (valued at $299 each). To enter, you just need to answer this simple question...

What part of your house do you wish you had good wireless coverage and why?

Let us know in the comments below. The 7 winning entries will be selected based on creativity.
Entries close at 5pm AEST on Sunday 16 June 2013. Winners announced on Monday, 17 June 2013.
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Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router (DSL-2980AL)

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The DSL-2890AL is D-Link's top-of-the-line ADSL2+ Modem/Router with speed and features that are second to none. An unsurpassed Wi-Fi speed of 1750Mbps together with Gigabit connectivity. It includes mydlinkTM enabled for easy set up with ability to remotely manage your network from any mobile devices. And also supports SharePortTM Mobile app, allows you to stream and share your media files anywhere anytime. • Built-in ADSL2/2+ Modem & Configurable LAN/WAN Ports for NBN/UFB Support

• Wireless AC Technology for Superior Wireless Performance up to 1750Mbps

• Gigabit LAN ports for high-speed wired connections

• USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 ports to connect storage drives and printers for sharing

• mydlinkTM Lite app helps you access, manage and view your network remotely

• SharePortTM Mobile app lets you stream and share media files and documents across your network

• Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Push Button for Easy Connection to a Wireless Network


    I need good coverage in the toilet, because that's where most of the download happens!

    I want wireless coverage in any part of my house. I only have a single port modem with a couple of switches around the house, and as it turns out, my phone and tablet don't have an ethernet port :(

    I'd life full wireless coverage in my house so i can stream my media anywhere. From the lounge to the bedroom, endless entertainment

    I need good coverage in bed, caus quite frankly I don't wanna leave there and head to the lounge to lay down to be near the router ...

    Would have to say the back yard. Let's face it- nothing beats sitting on a deck chair in summer with a cold one when you are 'working from home' as you told the boss.

    Which part of my house? Definitely the theatre room for high speed streaming from Netflix, so that the whole family could enjoy movies without having to 'let it load' before playing it. Also, it would be convenient to have a good coverage in my bedroom, considering that i currently have an airport express connecting it to my 5.1 surround sound speakers. Would be nice to enjoy music without the occasion drop outs.

    I need coverage in my backyard so I don't have to keep using my neighbor's wi-fi for Spotify while I mow the lawn.

    I wish my house had good wireless altogether, the current router struggles to give me proper wireless even 3m away. :/

    Everywhere! Living in a 40 year old house with a single phone socket means that we can't put a router anywhere central, and we end up with a few significant dead spots (like bedrooms).

    Definitely the man cave at the back of the house so I can stream sport while the Mrs thinks I'm "sharpening the mower blades" hehe.

    My front garden - in winter it is sun drenched and warm, shielded from the world and the wind by walls and the perfect place to read and catch up on line - except for the crappy wifi reception - please help me

    In my bedroom, so both of my little brothers can watch their hours of Minecraft videos in HD while I watch my own special videos.

    Definitely in the barbetorium (aka barbecue in the backyard). Imagine the technological goodness that wireless would add to any standard barbecue setup! I'm thinking a suite of barbecue related monitoring devices which one can access remotely in real time, stream and share; temperature gauges (plate surface, ambient and mid lamb), gas bottle levels, rotisserie settings, basting frequency, and of course webcams to keep an eye on any curious wildlife. In fact, until Samsung includes this as standard in the Galaxy line up, 'Life Companion' is simply an unrealistic misnomer.

    In the dog house, so when I get into trouble I can stay connected and learn from my mistakes…

    Everywhere in house! I want to be able to consume content where ever I am.

    The roof cavity defiantly! Its a good hiding place from the in-laws. It'd be better if there was decent WiFi signal up there as well.

    I dont have WiFi. It would be nice to loose a few cables.

    My bedroom, i am not lucky enough to be bestowed a dedicated computer room/ study so my bedroom is my computer room.

    Funny (funny might not be the right word here) enough is that my laptop gets near perfect wifi coverage but my PC which sits a mere 1 meter away from me get really unreliable coverage even with a brand new USB modem. The thing that irritates me to all hell is that i can guarantee that when i set something to download and leave the house the internet would screw up and would only download a little bit, its especially teeth clenchingly frustrating when its a big game off of steam like Rage, leave it to download and it only downloads like 3gb out of 22.

      Sounds like it's cutting out because your computer is going into some power saving mode and switching the NIC/USB off.

    My games room. I'm sick of being smoked on call of duty black ops 2 by smart a$$ed 11 year old American kids because of my network connection..

    For some reason the only place I get excellent wireless signal in my house is the kitchen, which doesn't help with gaming or streaming at all. For me it would be nice to have wireless signal anywhere else in the house.

    Last edited 10/06/13 12:00 pm

    My Man Cave in the attic - so when my other half decides she wants to watch Masterchef: The Unprofessionals I can stream something decent (without a heart-wrenching backstory) from my MCPC using VLC streamer on my phone and Airplay it to my screen without buffering interruptions. Bliss.

    the laundry - my cat loves sitting on her laptop. She needs to watch youtube videos streamed flawlessly.

    I want this so bad. I wish our whole house had good wireless coverage. Currently it's faster to walk around with a USB stick. Since leaving home (and taking an old DG834 with me with me) I've never appreciated speed so much.

    I'd have to say in my front porch, I always seem to get emails or notifications just as I'm about to drive off or as I'm arriving home.
    Even better if I could somehow have wireless in my car, imagine the possibilities??? Streaming HD video, whilst downloading your favorite TV show to be ready when you arrive home?
    I just realized that I work close enough to home that a router on the top of my chimney would be ideal and broadcast a signal straight to my office :-)

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