Which Of Your Gadgets Has The Most Impressive Battery Life?

For 4.5 years I used a 15" macbook pro from mid-2008. It had changeable batteries so twice I went to Apple and convinced them to give me a new one for free. The three batteries I used in that machine were very different. The first one was a champ. It would last for six hours at its peak. It degraded slowly and predictably over time. It was reliable. But then, after two blissful years, it started throwing out Service Battery alerts.

Thus began my quest for the perfect battery, which was never satisfied. The other two I tried weren't as good. Especially the third one which started off at a peak of about 3.5 hours. If I didn't know it already from phones and mp3 players I learned then that rechargeable batteries are fickle. The new MacBook Airs are supposed to have all-day battery life, but what are some of the unlikely gems already in your gadget arsenal? Or just low-power devices that are meant to hold a charge for weeks and do. Power powwow below.

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    I get 4 days out of my Galaxy S3, and a few months out of my Kindle. The tablet sadly chews through battery pretty quickly.

      4 days??? Im sorry but I call BS on that. Unless you have everything turned off there is no way you get that. No way.

      My gs3 would get maximum 15 hours. and that was living frugally.

        Don't know what to tell you. 4 days is what I get. I keep bluetooth and data switched off unless I need it but the phone is on at all times, I play games on it on the way to and from work each morning, and some call and text message use.

        Currently on 6d 8h 12m at 13% battery with minimal game use, mostly just Gmail, Hangouts and text messages.

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          More interested to know in term of on screen time. When are actually USING the phone. Mine ranges from 3.5 hours to 5.5 hours depending on what I'm doing and screen brightness. To be fair, you are not really using it often to get that amount of time, so an hour a day of on screen time, is probably a better ball park figure.

            This screenshot is my last week, when usage was extremely light. It's on track for just over 7 days if I didn't charge it, and the screen time is just under 8 hours (out of 152 hours on battery, or about 5%).

            That's for very light use though. I typically get around 4 days before needing a charge with moderate use. Next time I have a normal week I'll let you know the screen time, but it's in the vicinity of about 3-4 hours a day to get 4 days out of it.

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              whats interesting about that screenshot is when you do actually turn on the wifi.. just watch that battery plummet!

              well done for the length you get though.. impressive. Imagine if you actually were able to use it ass it was intended and still got that kind of life...

              one day..

                Yeah, I live in an area where the 3G is terrible (and I'm with Vodafone) so it's constantly resending data. I try to avoid 3G unless I need to use it, for that reason.

          "I get 600 days on my GS3, I use it for 6 minutes a day to call my dad"

            What's your point? Everyone's usage is different, I get 4 days battery out of mine with regular daily use.

    Yeh i call BS on that as well, there's just no way.. Unless you're turning it off every few hours and then back on when you want to use it.

    I get months out of my Gameboy Micro, but that's turning on and off each day and playing a couple of hours at a time.

      Actually turning on and off will shed battery life quicker than leaving it on ....

    Very happy with my Note 2. Depending on use of a best of 17 hours down to a worst of 7 hours. This phone really depends on what you are using it for.
    If course old faithful I-pod classic goes on for days if you don't use the screen much.

    My best battery life was my old grey brick of a gameboy.

    4 double A's and that thing ran like a champ!

    Not so much the megaphone I bought to dress up as the following video... 8 double A's, used it once, batteries went dead the next week. I only now realise how expense those batteries are.


    Kindle wins hands-down. I read every night and only need to charge it a few times a year.

    @ Lily - the likely reason your later MBPro batteries were less impressive than teh first one is that they were probably as old as the original but had been sitting in a warehouse degrading. Apparantly Li-Ion batteries go off whether you use them or not so unless yoru new battery had been freshly manufactured it was probably not much better than the original.

      As long as the batteries were stored correctly (40% charge, temperature ~15C) the loss in capacity is usually only a couple of percent per year - not enough in itself to account for the wide disparity in performance.


    I have an almost identical experience to yours with my 2008 15" MacBook Pro! Battery twice replaced under warranty, and now onto the third one which is an OWC NuPower pack. At best this computer would last about 3 hours, but on average around 2 hours.

    Best ever battery performance from a standard laptop was from my 2010 Asus UL30A, with around 10-11 hours per charge on a regular basis. It had a gutless CPU but that's probably why it lasted so long.

    The only gadget that I don't have to worry about charging is my ipad. everything else is not as long lived. My sister got the new macbook air on the weekend though, and that thing lasts forever!

    Nokia C5 from work. Last me a week usually. :-) with Mobile Data off, of course. No BS.

    Samsung Note 2 LTE, can last at least a whole day, with Data and background apps running. So I keep a fully charged spare battery in my bag (bravo, removable battery).

    Used to have a Nokia 2630 which could last up to 7 days without charging. My iPad does a pretty good job, charging it once a week, compared to the iphone which is once a day.

    Galaxy Note 2 - 3 days without charge. I use it 2 hours a day reading and music to and from work. At least an hour every night. I'm sure i could get it to 4 days as well just don't want to chance it running out on the train.

    When I first bought the iPhone 3GS it lasted a week, with average usage: listening to music each day on the way to work and back, messaging and the occasional call.. A year later it would need charging every day.

    A year after that (and the notorious apple updates that deliberately kill old iphones) I got the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. At first it lasted 3-4 days average use before requiring charge, now I need to charge it every day (and during at work, but mainly because it's struggling to hang on to signal.)

    I have just purchased the HTC One and it should be in the mail today, I expect similar results to the Nexus, decent battery for the first year, then 6 months of crap until I replace it.

    Thank god for Telstra's 2 year plans, that you can get out of in 18 months by bargaining with them! - I use the "I've been a loyal Telstra customer, and I'm willing to sign up for another 2 years if you waiver the cancellation fee."

    The last 1% of my iPhone 5 battery has the most impressive battery life on all of my gadgets.

    If I said i may get 4 hours if I am lucky from my iPhone5 I would NOT be kidding you - this is for me going into town - browsing on the train (as you do) checking in (4Sq) and leaving it silent in my pocket _ i may demo a soft client briefly and then travelling back to my office where IF I AM LUCKY it will have 20% left from a full charge. Pathetic. And yes maybe I shouldn't have everything ON all the time but thats just how i roll.

      Living on the edge, that's the way!! I do the same, so it syncs to my car and WiFi at work/home without me having to press buttons.

    Probably my Nokia 808. Just the other day, Battery Monitor hit a new PB for battery life "average use" estimation - 11.1 days!

    PlayStation 3 Controller. That thing lasts nearly 30 hours of contant use

    That's easy, my logitech cordless mouse. It runs on 2 X AAA batteries and has a compartment to store the tiny usb receiver thingy onboard. I don't think I've ever replaced the batteries on it since I bought it 5-6 years ago... EVER...

    I've been thoroughly impressed with the performance of my 13' Macbook Pro since purchasing it two and a bit years ago. Still lasts hours without a charge and rarely leaves me with battery anxiety, something which seems to impress my PC-loving mates. If only my iPhone 5 could learn from it...

    My Nokia 920's battery is pretty impressive. So much better than my old Samsung Galaxy S II.

    I can use it throughout the day (Wifi on but not connected) for browsing, email, calls & texts, FB/Twitter then walk home for an hour using a GPS tracking app while streaming Pandora music and I still have 60% battery left when I get home. It's also great going out on a Friday night after work knowing it'll last all night, even when taking pics & vids. Other people ask to use my phone when theirs is dead.

    Also, my 3G iPad 2 has surprised me with its battery life. Travels in my man bag with me everywhere I go, is connected to WiFi at home, push email accts etc on 3G at work (wifi on but not connected). I only do web browsing on it occasionally, but still - only charge it about once every 10 days or so and it's over 2 years old.

    I bought a new battery for my GS3 which has a standard battery of 2100mah. New battery which is the same size is 3250mah and after 5 full charges is starting to make a huge improvement. Battery cost $11 off eBay from Sydney stockist

    My RC car!

    Ok I realise this is a bit out of left-field but in terms of being impressed by what batteries can do the first thing that springs to mind for me are the Li-Po's I hook up to my little beast. This discussion is focussed on duration but here I'm impressed with the high output capable in a short time. With a decent brushless motor how much power you have largely comes down to the battery output and stepping up from Ni-Cad to Li-Po batteries was a hugely impressive experience.

    2100MaH 3cell 11.1V Li-Po gives 10-20 minute runtime and are $20 at my local hobby store. Electric motors don't have to build up rev's to deliver their power so full throttle = full power...I wish these were around when I was a kid :)

    Man-sized children at work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUE79BBigU8

      I have the HPI Blitz Maxxis Edition running stock on NiMH Battery Packs and I fully agree.
      I know LiPO and Brushless will give me greater performance but I'm still more than impressed with the current setup I have.

      Wow... my last memory of RC cars was in the 80s with my Tamiya Hornet and its nicad 7.2V pack. 1-2+ hours trickle charging for 5-10 minutes of fun (at best).

    Not high tech but my wristwatch has been going on strong almost 3 years since it's last battery change :)

    Oh dear god, I hate to say this but my ipad1 is the best gadget that I have owned as far as battery. It just goes for ever especially considering the weight and size of the screen. That being said it no loger can run anything as even the store will crash all the time due to it being so out dated..
    After that is my 920, that puppy can go for days with a fair bit of usage.. although I can kill it if I play Civ5 for 3-5 hours straight..

    My sony tablet P. It lasts 48 hours average with frequent use. Followed by my Xperia S Which lasts about the same if 3g and wifi is off. My laptop is a piece of garbage, battery is lucky to last 3 hours.

    The security dongle my bank gave me has been running for about 10 years and still works (Clock's in sync). LCD digits are solid black, not faded grey.

    My 9 spot-LED torch I use for work regularly. Bought it 16 months ago and still is on its first set of two AA-cells. LEDs are one of the truly fantastic inventions, glad they are really going mainstream now.

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