What iOS 7 Looks Like On Your iPad

There’s no tablet flavour of the iOS 7 beta, but using a simulator feature on Apple’s XCode developer platform, German site Apfelpage has given us a look at what the next-gen operating system will look like on the iPad. Aside from a few changes, it’s pretty consistent with what we’ve already seen from iOS 7.

First off, we’re seeing the same revamped icon set, new apps and Control Center that the iPhone has. But the Notification Center is now fullscreen on the iPad, whereas in iOS 5 and 6, it just took up a small part of the display. And the Control Center (which we didn’t see demoed on the iPad at WWDC) only takes up a small bar at the bottom of the screen, while on the iPhone it uses up about half of it.

Otherwise, apps like maps, contacts and calendar are more simple and clean, and iOS 7 on the iPad looks like what you’d expect for the most part.

[Apfelpage via The Verge]