What Do You Think Of Video For Instagram?

We all knew it was coming, but now it’s official: Facebook’s potential Vine-killer has finally surfaced in the form of video on Instagram. And as it turns out, the new Instagram feature is pretty different from its Twitter counterpart.

Editing abilities, video-stabilisation, 15-second long time limits, no looping, and filters do not in any way a Vine clone make. But with all that extra time, users are likely going to feel inclined to take advantage of all of it — even when they don’t need to. Plus, auto-play and audio-on are defaulted, and for a feed that’s just as much for photographs, blabbering videos could start to get on a few nerves.

So now that we’ve seen it in action and had some time to play around with it on our own, which will you choose as your go-to video platform? Are video for Instagram’s new features enough to steal you away or will you be maintaining your loyalties to Twitter’s simpler service? Let us know down below.