Watch Fake Telekinesis Make Mind-Controlled Water

For her performance art piece Euonia, Park set up a pentagon of speakers, each with a shallow pool of water on top. Each speakers was hooked up to a NeuroSky EEG headset — kinda sorta like those robo cat ears — which read Park’s brainwaves and ultimately sent them out to fire the speakers. The result? Brain ripples.

By parsing the brainwaves through a computer and also plenty of practice, Park was able to dedicate each of the speakers to a different emotion: sadness, anger, hatred, desire and happiness. Ultimately, she intended to end her performance with a meditative sort of radio silence, but just couldn’t get her brain to snap all the way off. And maybe that’s for the best; that sounds just a little unsettling. [Creator’s Project via This Is Colossal]