Watch Fake Telekinesis Make Mind-Controlled Water

Telekinesis isn't real, but you can fake it if you really put your mind to it. Conceptual artist Lisa Park did just that and surrounded herself with vibrating pools of her own brainwaves. But her final trick, total brain silence, turned out to be just a little too hard to fake.

For her performance art piece Euonia, Park set up a pentagon of speakers, each with a shallow pool of water on top. Each speakers was hooked up to a NeuroSky EEG headset — kinda sorta like those robo cat ears — which read Park's brainwaves and ultimately sent them out to fire the speakers. The result? Brain ripples.

By parsing the brainwaves through a computer and also plenty of practice, Park was able to dedicate each of the speakers to a different emotion: sadness, anger, hatred, desire and happiness. Ultimately, she intended to end her performance with a meditative sort of radio silence, but just couldn't get her brain to snap all the way off. And maybe that's for the best; that sounds just a little unsettling. [Creator's Project via This Is Colossal]

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