TweetDeck Redesign Walkthrough: Smooth, Smooth Navigation

This morning, Twitter pushed a redesigned TweetDeck, featuring a new expandable sidebar that makes navigating the app way easier. As you can see, the new design brings new order to the uncivilised barrage of tweets we stare at every day.

Indeed, while we’ve always loved that TweetDeck helps you keep all of your lists and saved Twitter searches neatly organised into columns, navigating the app has never been much better than haphazard. The only way to scroll through you lists was to move through you columns from left to right.

The new sidebar-based navigation fixes this problem by letting you pick more deliberately between all of the different columns you’ve created. If you want to scroll through your lists like you did before, that’s still an option, but as you can see in the video above, you won’t find yourself doing that much anymore.

Video: Nick Stango