This Is How Japan Trolls Google Street View

Google Street View trolling is not new. People around the world love pulling hijinks when they see the Google Street View apparatus rolling down the street. Folks in Japan did some truly epic trolling.

As IT Media points out, writers at Japanese humour site Daily Portal Z got the drop that the Google Street View would be making its way through Tokyo. So, a while ago, the DPZ writers showed up near Mitaka Station, all carrying masks so they could turn themselves into “human pigeons”. The result has recently appeared on Google (see for yourself here).

They even watch you even as you make your way down the street. *shudder*

This kind of stuff isn’t new for the site: Last February, PDZ did a story on wearing a pigeon mask in public. Here were the results:

Googleストリートビューに謎のハト人間集団 その正体は… [IT Media]