This Insane Carbon Fiber Hammock Bathtub Is The Epitome Of Relaxation

The eternal debate — of whether to soak in the tub or lounge in a hammock — has just been rendered moot, thanks to this stunning carbon fibre hammock tub that lets you do both at the same time. Made by the UK company SplinterWorks, it’s called the Vessel, and it makes for an awesome centrepiece for your bathroom, assuming you’ve got the room for it (and the cash).

At just under nine feet long, the Vessel is actually considerably longer than your standard tub, making it particularly ideal for taller bathers. And the layers of carbon fibre that make up its curvy form are filled with foam core so it’s better insulated than a regular tub too, keeping your water warmer for longer.

Installation does appear a bit tricky, however, since you’ll need to install a drain on the floor to allow the Vessel to empty, as well as a standing faucet to fill it. And when it comes to mounting the tub you’ll need walls that are strong enough to not only support the weight of the water, but a bather as well. Complications aside, if you’re redoing a bathroom and desperately want to impress your friends, whatever ridiculous price tag SplinterWorks is charging for the Vessel is no doubt worth it. Especially when you discover it comes in an assortment of colours, including silver, bronze, and even pink. [SplinterWorks via Contemporist]