These Are The Ten TV Shows That Pirates Like The Most

With the spring TV season drawing to a close (MAD MEN SEASON FINALE YOU GUYS!!), TorrentFreak has done the wonderful service of rounding up a top 10 list of the most torrented shows out there this time around. Can you guess number one? (You can definitely guess number one.)

That’s right, Game of Thrones comes in at the top, which is no surprise since the season 3 premier broke a torrenting record of its own and the series as a whole sat on the iron throne of torrenting back in 2012 as well. The rest? Well that’s more of a toss-up, but the list’s upper few includes some hits from network TV, no cable required.

Of course this only accounts for torrenting, so there’s bound to be some file-locker numbers that boost up the overall level of piracy, but you can bet that adding those to the mix wouldn’t change things up too much. The real question is what could ever come close to Game of Thrones? I wonder if the final season of Breaking Bad can measure up. [TorrentFreak]