There’s Something Comforting About A Peanut-Shaped Nursery School

People say that peanuts are healthy. They’re a super food or something. But the peanut is apparently good for other things too, like inspiring design. The Japanese architect Hiroshi Ueda overlapped two circles to create the peanut concept for this building, completed last year. And it seems only fitting that the peanut house a nursery school.

The building is partly open to incorporate outdoor elements and the slatted design lets in light. Moving from the building, inhabitants can transition easily to the garden outside, which was designed alongside the peanut itself. It might not be as iconic as the gherkin, but the natural curves of the peanut shape are distinctive. And yes it’s also sort of an eight or an infinity symbol, but it’s mainly a peanut, okay? [Spoon & Tamago]