The Single Classiest Way To Give Bacon As A Gift

Cuff links, multitools and money clips are second only to vasectomies on the list of crap wants — some bacon to go along with the, um, cuff links, multitools and money clips. The Oscar Mayer Original collection packages 18-20 slices of delicious porky goodness in a tasteful display box and includes one of three accoutrements.

The Commander set includes a stainless steel money clip engraved with bacon strip and “bringin’ it home," the Matador includes bacon-shaped cufflinks, and the Woodsman includes a small bacon-engraved multitool. All three variations retail for $US22 but are temporarily sold out. Check the @OscarMayer Twitter feed and Say It with Bacon for updates as to when more will be available. Just be sure to buy a backup gift — like a tie, man can't have enough ties — in case this delicious porcine present stays sold out.

[Incredible Things]

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