The New Arrested Development Season Edited Into Chronological Order

The New Arrested Development Season Edited Into Chronological Order

Have you seen the new Arrested Development episodes. Of course you have. While a lot of people loved them just fine as they are, many others had a problem with the non-standard editing, which didn’t really resemble the original show.

Now, thanks to the miracle that is “nerds on the internet”, we have what the new episodes might have looked like in a more typical season.

Reddit user mophinapg took all of the individual episodes, mainly focusing on single characters, and edited them into a more traditional format. The files are available in a smaller 368p format (about 200-400MB per episode) and 1080p, which is obviously larger, and not finished uploading just yet.

Here’s mophinapg’s breakdown of the new episodes:

Episode 1: Take to the Sea! (21:48)

The Bluth family once again finds themselves with legal trouble

Episode 2: A New Start (28:53)

Lindsay, Tobias, and Maeby take a trip to India, and George Sr. starts work on a new project.

Episode 3: That Way, You Have It (43:36)

Gob, Lindsay, and Tobias begin their new lives.

Episode 4: Sweat and Squeeze (29:56)

The housing crisis forces George Sr. to improvise a new plan, and George Michael experiences college life.

Episode 5: Get Away, Getaway (24:20, 203 MB)

Michael joins George Michael at college, and Gob begins a new wild partying lifestyle.

Episode 6: The Anti-Social Network (37:49, 325 MB)

George Michael reconnects with Maeby, and Buster’s time in the army changes him once again.

Episode 7: Put Up This Wall! (40:19, 317 MB)

George Michael conspires to kick his father out of the dorm, and George Sr. finds a new supporter for his project.

Episode 8: The Michael B. Project (47:47, 396 MB)

Michael gets recruited to make a movie about his family, and George Sr. runs into some trouble.

Episode 9: Did Somebody Say Wonder? (33:19, 254 MB)

Michael attempts to reunite with his son, and Gob devises a plan to take revenge on Tony Wonder.

Episode 10: The Fantastic Four (41:10, 333 MB)

Tobias begins work on a new musical, and Michael goes on an awkward double date with his sister.

Episode 11: George Maharis (49:32, 403 MB)

Michael attempts to find out who the “other man” is in his relationship, and George Michael deals with his newfound success.

Episode 12: Cinco de Cuatro (53:51, 487 MB)

The entire family arrives at the party, not prepared for what awaits them, and Michael hits his lowest point to settle a debt.

That sounds pretty delightful, actually. At the very least it’s worth popping over to Reddit to check it out if you’re interested. We don’t usually delve into fanedits, but heck, we love Arrested Development enough that we’re making an exception. Happy endings for everyone, thanks to the internet. [Reddit]