Ten Future Technologies That Will Revolutionise Your Next Car

Ten Future Technologies That Will Revolutionise Your Next Car

We want a lot from our future cars. We want power with efficiency. More features and less distractions. Complex components that are easier to use. These are the 10 tech innovations that will revolutionise the way we drive.

10.) Solar chargers

Fisker might be dead, but some of the Karma’s technologies should really make it into the mainstream. Solar panels can charge the battery, power the air conditioner or the infotainment system as long as it’s sunny. It’s a great way to improve your mileage without sacrificing performance. Sure, you can have it as an option on your Prius, but why isn’t it standard equipment?

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9.) Head-up display as standard

If you’ve ever driven a car with HUD, you know how much safer it is. You don’t have to shift focus and your eyes are can stay on the road thanks to all the important information projected to your windshield. This is probably one of the best thing that came out of fighter jets.

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8.) Rev-matching manuals

Car makers claim manuals are dying because they are inefficient, but that’s hardly true. With a rev-matching stick shift, you get the most out of the engine without being Walter Röhrl. The 2014 Corvette Stingray is getting the technology, but why don’t all new cars?

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7.) Utilization of waste heat

An internal combustion engine generates a lot of heat energy, most of which goes to waste. While regenerative braking is a great way to save some of that, we could do much better at improving efficiency by harvesting more of that grilling power, especially from the exhaust gases.

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6.) KERS

If it works in racecars and high-end supercars, it should do well in your grocery getter as well. Somethingwittyer is the Anti-Grammar Hammer tells us about the benefits of a KERS flywheel system:

KERS. You’ll get better economy (electric motor can power the overall car for a small distance), and at the low end of an ICE engine you can use controlled bursts of torque. That in turn means we can have super high reving engines without worrying about having no torque!

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5.) Predictive suspension

For a fair bit of money, you can get an adaptive suspension with magnetic dampers nowadays. That’s fantastic, but how going one step further? manifold engines, wanting for time likes the idea:

Fully predictive active suspension. Sensors to predict road surface irregularities thereby compensating for our crumbling infrastructure. Algorithms to allow the car to bank into corners like a bike. Maybe drop the car to the ground when parking as an anti- theft feature.

They’ve been working on it for a while, but it’s not quite ready yet.

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4.) Affordable carbon fiber

Pushing down the price of lightweight materials like carbon fiber is the only way car makers can improve fuel economy significantly. Just ask Lamborghini.

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3.) Camless engines

Getting rid of camshafts would mean smaller engines with less moving parts, higher power output and lower emissions. Sounds like a dream, and a certain Swedish gentlemen promised us it will become reality very soon…

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2.) The self driving car

Purists can say whatever they want, but with CVTs, sensors and self-parking cars already on the roads, we have to face the fact that most people just don’t feel like driving, not to mention the problem of constant traffic jams. For those who just want to get to their destination as quickly and comfortably as possible, Google and other companies are working on a solution. But what will the feds do?

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1.) Alternative fuels

Until we all hold our breath for Citroën to work out its high pressure air-hybrid system, let’s talk about current technologies. Basically, fossil fuels won’t lost long and it kills those precious pandas, hydrogen needs massive containers and have no infrastructure, while batteries are heavy without providing enough range. Whoever comes up with a cheap green petrol (ha-ha!) will be the next king of the universe.

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