See-Through Convection Oven Reveals The Mysteries Of Cooking

If you dropped out of school after the second grade and have subsequently wondered what happens between the time you put raw ingredients into an oven, and when they come out as golden delicacies, here's your chance to rule out elves and magic. This countertop halogen convection oven promises to heat food as fast as a microwave, while providing an unobstructed 360-degree view of what's inside, so you'll know exactly when something starts burning.

With only 12 litres of capacity and 1400 watts, you can probably forget about cooking up a whole turkey in there. But smaller dishes and light baking should be no challenge, with the added bonus of food not ending up soggy like it can in a microwave. Up top, the $40 oven has your standard temperature settings and timer, and the glass bowl can be tossed in the dishwasher afterwards for easy cleanup. And, last but not least, a see-through oven will turn your hobby of watching food unshrink into an obsession.


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