Salt And Pepper Spoon Shakers Give You Precisely Portioned Seasonings

Finally putting an end to the gag where someone unscrews the lid of a salt shaker, Jaemin Jaeminlee’s Sogum HuchuHuchu is a radical re-thinking of how we season our food at the table. They still require a bit of shaking to get the spices out, but instead of dumping it directly onto your food, the salt and pepper spills into a small scoop.

Using your fingers you’re then able to select an exact amount of seasonings for your meal, while the unused bits can be returned to the shaker.

The design is particularly great since it even lets you filter large chunks of peppercorn if you’re keen on not biting down on one of those spicy nuggets while dining. Here’s to hoping he can make a version for rainbow sprinkles too, because those purple ones? Gross.

[Jaemin Jaeminlee via designboom]