Reusable E-Ink Luggage Tags Improve The Chances Of Your Bag Arriving

Outside of the fear of flying, the most anxious part of travelling around the world is hoping your bags get to the same destination as you do. The paper tags in use today work, but if they get accidentally torn off your luggage, who knows where it might end up. So, starting next month, British Airways will begin testing a brilliant re-usable luggage tag featuring an e-ink display that can be reprogrammed again and again using your smartphone.

Created by a British design shop called Designworks, once you’ve checked in for a flight the tags will be easily updatable to reflect your current destination, presumably using a low-power wireless NFC connection to your phone. The barcodes on the new e-ink tags can be scanned by existing luggage sorting equipment too. If they’re a success, the reusable tags could be further enhanced with more wireless options making it even easier for airports, and you, to keep track of your bags.

[Designworks via Engadget]