New Dropbox For Mac Beta Incorporates iPhoto, Screenshot Sharing

Today, Dropbox released a new beta version of its desktop app for both Mac and Windows with a couple of small but really useful features for their many cloud-oriented users. First up is iPhoto import integration (for Mac users only, obviously).

Every time you import photos via iPhoto version 7.0 or later, Dropbox will automatically upload those photos to a folder of your choice for quick and easy backup and sharing.

There are two other small features. Move to Dropbox will let you right-click on any file and move the selected file, you guessed it, into your Dropbox with just one click. Lastly, Screenshot to Dropbox will place any screenshot you take right in the Dropbox and automatically copy it to your clipboard.

Oh, and Dropbox is claiming “much faster upload/download speeds for large files”. These additions will be much appreciated for the small but glorious improvements to productivity for the everyday user. Download the beta here! [Cult of Mac]