Morning For iPad: A Simple Dashboard To Start Your Day Off Right

Morning For iPad: A Simple Dashboard To Start Your Day Off Right

Mornings are rough. And depending how many special adult beverages you imbibed the night before, mornings can be very, very rough. That’s why we love Morning for iPad. It gives you a bright, friendly look at all the info you need to start your day, so you can be prepared even when you feel like crap.

What Does It Do?

Provides a customisable dashboard with six panels of varying sizes, which you can fill with whatever intel you most need as soon as you pop (or roll) out of bed. Choose from date, weather, stocks, news, to-do lists that integrate with your Reminders and Calendar apps, event countdown timers, and traffic information. Within each individual panel, you can swipe and browse to see moe info and change the current view or colour with a pull-down toolbar.

Why Do We Like It?

Admittedly, all this information is already sitting in your phone or iPad, but it’s lying scattered amongst your various apps and screens, forcing you to go on a hunt for what you need. Normally you wouldn’t think twice about opening a few apps and extra swipes, but not only are you often time crunched in the morning — chances are your mind isn’t totally there yet when you first wake up. Because you can arrange what you’ll be seeing the night before, this makes sure that you’re reminded of what’s coming that day and fully prepared to take it on.


Download this app for: iPad ($2.99)
The best part: minimises need to think in the mornings
The worst part: simpler than some other dashboard apps