Magical iPhone Waterproofing Spray Finally Goes On Sale

We first heard about Rust-Oleum’s liquid-repelling product, NeverWet almost two years ago. It looked absolutely magical, and now you can finally buy it — if you’re in North America.

US retailer Home Depot is carrying NeverWet for $US20 a can. Spray the silicon-based coating on electronics, clothing, or almost any surface, and it will become almost completely impervious to moisture.

Of course, we’re sceptical until we try it out ourselves. But in the convincing demo you see liquid hit a surface and immediately scurry away without leaving any damage. Spill mustard on your white shoes? Don’t worry about it. Drop your iPhone in the toilet? It will survive. We’ve all had accidents with our expensive gadgets, so a $US20 waterproofing solution is hard to disagree with. Just, you know, try not to inhale it. [NeverWet via LancasterOnline]