KeyMe: Store Your Keys In The Cloud, Never Get Locked Out Again

Whether you have to deal with a crotchety landlord or a dopey locksmith, we can all agree that replacing lost or stolen keys can be a drag. KeyMe, a new service launched this week in New York, seems to have found a solution by storing your keys in the cloud and making them accessible via a kiosk 24/7.

Key cutting isn't new, but what makes KeyMe unique is that it will store digital copies of your keys in the cloud and make them available wherever you are. Assuming there's a kiosk nearby, of course. Very little of your own personal information is stored, like your address, and accounts can only be accessed with a fingerprint scan. A few other security measures are also said to be in place. And in the event that there is some activity going on with your account, KeyMe will send you an email letting you know that your account has been accessed.

Digital copies of your keys are stored for free and you're only charged when you actually need to get a key printed, which costs $US20. To create a duplicate key on the spot, you'll have to fork over $US3.50 for a basic brass key. Novelty keys, like a bottle opener key or sports team themed ones, will cost $US6. There are currently two locations in Manhattan with three more on the way. No word on when they plan to expand outside of New York.

But here's my question for them as a resident of New York, can you scan and replace my Mul-T-Lock key? Probably not but looking at the company's FAQ section, KeyMe might actually be able to duplicate some "Do Not Duplicate" keys, given the wording of its answer: "No, KeyMe should only be used for keys that you have the full rights to duplicate." I'd be willing to give it a whirl. What's the worst that could happen? [KeyMe]

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