How's Your Klingon? Internode Offering $100 Broadband Credit For Fictional Linguists

With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, a lot of promotions are usually glorified click-throughs for a like or retweet. This isn't so much the case with Internode's latest marketing endeavour — a call out to fictional language lovers everywhere to test their mettle and snag $100 credit, valid for several of the ISP's broadband plans.

The promotional itself is a series of three pages, each with a phrase written in a famous made-up tongue — Klingon, Elvish (of the Tolkien variety) and Dothraki from Games of Thrones. Once the translated words are entered, the user is given a code they can use to claim the $100 of credit.

This credit can be used on any "eligible 24-month Naked, DSL broadband or NBN plan", though it's limited to new customers.

Sure, it's not the most complicated of competitions — I can tell you right now that one of them can be translated with no references whatsoever — but it's a lot more interesting and creative than a "Like us on Facebook", so kudos to Internode for engaging.

The promotion will run until August 31, so if you're not in the translating mood, there's no pressure to jump in now.


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