This AMD Chip Is The First 5.0GHz CPU You Can Actually Buy

AMD just one-upped its own series of eight-core FX processors, and the golden child of this newest lineup is unquestionably the FX-9590, which it claims to be the world's "first-ever 5GHz processor". While technically that record was already beaten — and by AMD itself, no less — it is, in fact, the first commercially available 5GHz CPU processor.

The other CPUs run a bit slower at 4.7GHz for the FX-9370 and 4.2GHz for the FX-8350, but, then again, these also stay within the 5GHz max. Because, remember, if you damage your new speed demon FX-9590 chip, AMD has a no replacement policy. No word yet on pricing, but Maingear will supposedly be using the record-beater in an upcoming gaming system later this year. [Engadget]

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