Here's The A Trailer For The New Walking Dead DLC From Telltale Games

If you haven't played Telltale's The Walking Dead, you have my permission to stop reading this, leave your place of work (tell your boss I said it was OK) and spend the next day playing it. It's a seriously amazing game that is very deserving of all the Game Of The Year titles it won last year. Now there's a new episode coming next month called The Walking Dead: 400 Days, and it looks so good.

Telltale outed the trailer for 400 Days at E3, and as soon as you watch it, all the weight you feel on your shoulders from the last game will come crashing back down. The decisions you made in the last few episodes of The Walking Dead will carry over to this one, too, so there's some interlinking of the stories.

Bring on July*!

(* I may need someone to cuddle me after and tell me everything is alright when I presumably kill everyone I love in the game)

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