Here Is The Batman TV Theme, Brought To You By Real Bats

Bats aren't know for their musical prowess... at least not in regular human circles. But! With a little tinkering with the natural sounds they produce, bats can be just as hip as the rest of the animal kingdom. What better place to start their new career in audio than a rendition of the theme song to 1960s' Batman?

As the video's description explains, we humans are incapable of hearing the noises bats make so a composition put together without modification would sound like... well, nothing. So, creators Ulrich Seidel and Wolter Seuntjens had to bring the sounds into our audible range digitally.

These were then bound to keys on a keyboard and from there it was just a matter of playing the song. The video is icing on the cake — it's surreal, yet oddly appropriate, featuring clips from the show and of course, National Geographic.

[YouTube, via Improbable]

Image: Michael McCarthy / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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