Emergency Braking Systems Stop These RC Cars From Destroying Your Home

More and more vehicles are coming equipped with emergency braking systems that can stop a car before it hits something. And as CCP realised, the same technology could be just as useful with a remote control toy. After all, you’re putting an untrained, unlicensed kid in control of a small car that can seriously bang up your home’s walls and furniture.

The prototypes of the company’s new RC toys are being shown off at the International Tokyo Toy Show this weekend, and each include a pair of front-mounted infrared sensors that constantly monitor the distance to objects in its path. If the car is moving fast enough that there’s a genuine risk of a crash, it will automatically slow down and stop, before backing up slightly so it’s easy for a child to drive away. Expected to be introduced later this year, not only does the new technology help protect the toy car, it also helps keep chair legs and drywall free of dents and scratches. [Tech-on!]