BTTF's Grays Sports Almanac iPad Case Only Makes You Rich In Spirit

Trumped only by the time-travelling Delorean itself as the greatest movie plot device of all time, the copy of Grays Sport Almanac that put the events of Back to the Future II into motion can now be yours — as an iPad case. Gone are the pages and pages of sports scores and statistics, not that they'd be any good to you for predicting the future anyways, because they only go up to the year 2000.

When Back to the Future II was originally released in theatres — almost a quarter of a century ago — the year 2000 was still a long ways off. But now it's just a distant memory, and since presumably none of us have access to a time machine, the only thing this $30 almanac is good for is protecting your iPad and as a souvenir of a time-travelling adventure you never had. [Firebox via Pocket-Lint]

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