Australia Still World-Beaters When It Comes To Game Of Thrones Piracy

Congratulations, Australia! You bunch of swashbuckling, Game Of Thrones-torrenting, content piracy lovers: thanks to the efforts of the country's pirates, Australia is still leading the world in Game Of Thrones piracy, as the season finale sets new BitTorrent records around the world.

TorrentFreak reports that the season-three finale of Game Of Thrones set new BitTorrent download records around the world, with 170,000 people sharing the file simultaneously at one stage. It's estimated that the finale was downloaded over a million times within the first 24 hours.

So who was downloading it? According to TorrentFreak the traffic was from the US, Canada, the UK and most of all Australia.

The bad news for HBO and US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich is that our position on the piracy leaderboard isn't about to change, seeing as how Game Of Thrones is going to be walled into Foxtel even starting next season.

We've said it before: availability is the answer to piracy, and local networks seem stuck at the question mark. [TorrentFreak]



    Good work everyone! We're number one!

    FYI - I paid for mine. Season Pass on Apple TV. What a chump.

    Australia Still World-Beaters When It Comes To Game Of Thrones PiracyIf you constantly fail to read current trends, then you will end up losing to other means for people to stay up to date.

    Ohh noes!! Better stop making the show then...

    If we did watch these shows on HBO, would anyone actually watch and pay attention to the adds anyway?

      on HBO they dont have any ads during the show, only before and after. and they are all BMW ads! so as far as ads go i'm happy with that :)

      It's pay-per-view, they wouldnt need to put ads in it to make money

        Tell that to Foxtel .....!

          seriously? I dont have foxtel but I can't believe they play GoT with ads, that makes me want to pirate...

            I used to be with Austar which has now sold to Foxtel, that was a couple of years ago though. They may be playing premium shows like this without ads but they certainly make up for it with every other show they run.

    The problem here is that if one of the major networks wanted to pick this up and show it on Monday night, they really couldn't. With the strict free-to-air policy, the episodes would be completely cut before they could even show them. That process would take time, and no-one would want to watch a cut version anyway.

    I don't see this issue being resolved anytime soon.

      I doubt they will be cut, but they certainly won't be on at prime time, put it to you that way.

    The real question is, when these grandma and grandpa in the Australia broadcast industries realise they no longer in the 1960s? move on or die

      You know what they say:

      When you watch broadcast television in Australia; You watch reality TV and you die

      I think I messed the quote up

    If we HAD HBO here it probably would be less likely to be torrented.
    No idea if it's on Foxtel, but no way I'd pay $130/month for satellite TV.

    I actually paid for this season on iTunes, and as a reward I receive the episode usually a day after my fellow torrenting buddies. This would normally be ok only I have to lock myself away from any social media as the spoilers are always flowing by that point.

    Make it available at the same time as the States = drop in piracy. Not the toughest of complex equations.

      Why? Nobody wants to show advertising in the middle of the night and a show like GoT would have to be scheduled late. I doubt the numbers would add up for free-to-air, even without the pirating issue. It's clearly a big budget show so it would not be cheap to secure the rights.

      it's played on the same day as the states so I don't think pushing it forward so it was airing at 1pm on a monday afternoon would drive more viewers to it.

    Obviously we need more options than just iTunes and extra channel subscriptions on Foxtel as a means to sedate our GoT lust... :)

    "We’ve said it before: availability is the answer to piracy, and local networks seem stuck at the question mark." How stupid would a TV executive have to be to pay tens. maybe hundreds, of thousands of dollars for the rights to broadcast a show that has the crown as "most pirated". TV networks need to see a return on their investments which is why they would rather spend money on non-pirateable shows like the Voice and House Rules than on shows that most viewers who are interested have already seen. If you want to see shows like Game of Thrones on TV, then exercise a bit of self discipline and stop stealing them. It's not hard.

    its not played on free to air tv, and people dont wan to pay ridiculus prices so for foxtel or Quickflix and itunes is shit, so its kinda to be expected

    The overriding issue in the piracy debate is selfishness, plain and simple. I want it and I want it now. In years gone by, people had no idea a show even existed until it appeared on local TV. Now no-one is prepared to wait any more. There's also the whole peer pressure thing. All my friends are watching GoT so I have to as well or I'll feel like an outcast. I liken it to a three year old in a supermarket, throwing a temper tantrum because their mum won't buy them their desired treat (picture that as you hit reply).

    I would dearly love it if the producers came out and said they had axed the show because their revenue didn't meet expectations. Please don't say "But I'll buy the DVD when it comes out." The studios budget for revenue from multiple sources including broadcast rights, DVD/BD sales and merchandise.

    Obviously piracy is here to stay. Just remember as you watch it, that you're really just a self-important p****.

    For the record, I have never watched an episode of GoT and have no desire to. I don't torrent anything.

      Can't be helped if you're stuck in the 70s, loser.

    I payed for the itunes GOT Series then ended up watching the torrents as it was available so much quicker.. Wonder how many other people did this!

    Foxtel is a steaming pile of crap with one or two decent shows which are on additional packages, so not paying for that. Can't iTunes on my tv without buying additional crapple devices so that's not happening. HBO isn't on Netflix or Hulu, so can't get it through those subscriptions. So pirating it is!

    Unless anyone has a HBO Go account they want to share? ;)

    Last edited 13/06/13 11:15 am

    Perhaps if USA companies stop the price wedgie on downloaded movies etc. for Australians I might be more sympathetic. "The most purest form of capitalism is theft"

    I will continue to pirate and then buy the Blu-rays. infact i have three copies of each bluray because i buy the collectors editions with the house sigils. so i dont have one ounce of guilt.

    Number One!
    Number One!
    Number One!

    okay... now seriously...
    Firstly, this is a great case in point about the LACK of effect this piracy has, the show is doing well and is the most torrented show ever.
    Secondly, as the Luke said in the article: "availability is the answer", there are a bunch of ways to monetise this, including HBO having an official paid tracker. pay some subscription fees and download a copy created by HBO themselves, never a fake, never any quality issues. Better still have a presell BRD or DVD option where you pay for the disk version to be sent to your address on release and get a code to download the series as it is played (maybe use a private torrent tracker again), as long as it is not too expensive, easy and quickly available people will pay.


      The TV companies need to seriously consider embracing torrenting as a legitimate means of content delivery! They can distribute the shows quickly, easily and with limited bandwidth costs to themselves. Imagine, if for example, HBO did release GoT via a torrent, as you mentioned already Invid, the quality would always be assured, availability excellent, but what if they provided credit to purchase further episodes, or other TV shows (only a small amount, but hey it would add up over time!) If you seeded their torrent to a certain ratio!

      But that sort of thing is all innovative and forward thinking; therefore it has no place in the TV industry.

    The problem is that foxtel is a monoply and rip off.IF I could choose the exact channels I wanted be it just 2 channels or 20 I would buy Foxtel.The technology is there and the Australian cosumer has had a gutful of being treated like they are living in 1985.
    Don't forget what the ABC did by showing Dr Who as it was being broadcast in the UK.
    GoT is perfect for SBS to broadcast.Don't talk about a connected world,free trade and more chose then keep it from us.

      That is exactly my problem. I would gladly buy foxtel if I could get only the two or three channels I want.

    Use to have foxtel and wasn't worth my money so it was canceled. GoT is not good enough to go back to purchasing foxtel. So..... I result to supporting the show by buying the DVD. Screw supporting foxtel.

    I watch GOT on foxtel (IPTV foxtel) however also download it so that I can watch it later on. I don't feel like I am pirating as I pay for it on foxtel. That way I can have watch a couple of episodes before watching the new episode.

    I watch about 2 hours of TV a night which i don't think is all that much.
    if i paid itunes prices for this it would come to about $200 a month
    i cant justify that high of a spend.
    and i worked out that for what i watch id need approx $130 for foxtel
    and id have a shit load of stuff that i wouldn't use

    this is a shit lot of money for me.

    these prices are unrealistic. and that's why i find the other way.
    i cant justify paying more for TV per month than i do on 2 mobiles and home internet combined

    I don't watch GoT (I saw one episode and found it not to my liking) however why is downloading any TV program different to recording it off free-to-air? Do I have to be forced to watch ads that just annoy me and make me far less likely to buy what is being advertised.

    BTW I watch all my TV show without ads via Microsoft Xbox and Telstra T-box, so I am not stealing anything.

    I can't see the situation regarding level of piracy in Aus dropping in the future. I'm sure I read that season 3 of GOT is the last one to have a concurrent release on Australian iTunes. Current season is not available via US iTunes. They're only hosting seasons 1 & 2.

    I bought the season pass on iTunes and was happy with the price and very slight delay day. What I would like to know is: how many others did this? Does iTunes ever publish stats?

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