An Awesome 132-Cube Ice Tray Exists Because People Are Idiots

First, there’s a special place in hell for people who leave the ice trays empty. Ugh! But those people exist, so thankfully Lékué makes a tray that has space to store 132 cubes.

Twelve cube trays just don’t cut it. There’s always a couple straggling ice cubes left that make jerks think there’s no reason to refill. Those crap fests are also generally made of brittle plastic and break easily. So another great thing about Léukué’s multi-cube container is it’s made out of flexible silicone, so it’s easier to actually spring the cubes from their compartments. Sur la Table carries it for $US35. You’ll be glad you have it next time you reach into the freezer to chill your drink. Because it’s hot outside, and people are generally inconsiderate when it comes to little tasks like servicing the ice tray. [Sur La Table, Lékué via BLTD]