Al Qaeda Will Never See This Special Forces Stealth Motorcycle Coming

Al Qaeda Will Never See This Special Forces Stealth Motorcycle Coming

Hey Al Qaeda, put this in your pipe and smoke it: America’s Special Forces may soon be chasing you down on silent, stealthy electric motorcycles that YOU WILL NEVER SEE COMING.

Actually, while “stealth motorcycle” sounds like something from a 10-year-old boy’s imagination or everyone’s favourite ’80s show Street Hawk, the electric MMX bike being developed by Zero Motorcycles actually make a lot of sense, according to this report in RT.

With a keyless ignition, blackout capabilities, no intake or exhaust, and replaceable battery packs, the MMX motorcycle can travel quickly, efficiently, and nearly soundlessly — even on rough terrain. Zero Motorcycles developed the vehicle under US military contract. The vehicle is painted a matte black, which allows the machine to appear inconspicuous and disappear in the dark.

Other exciting features on the MMX include the ability to receive a full battery charge in less than a minute and to operate while submerged a meter under water. As it’s a motorcycle, it’s more manoeuvrable around potential IEDs than other vehicles.

Zero Motorcycles, who have an entire line of electric bikes, say the MMX won’t be sold to the public, sadly. They are already undergoing testing by Special Forces operatives, who already employ motorcycles in a variety of functions in their missions.

Hey Zero Motorcycles, you sure these won’t be sold to the public? Because I need one, like, yesterday.

Picture: Zero Motorcycles

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