AirDrop File Sharing: The Most Persistent iOS Rumour Has Returned

In 2011, Apple introduced AirDrop for OS X Lion, a feature that makes sharing a file between two Macs as easy as dragging and dropping it. Two and a half years later, we’re still waiting to see it on iOS. Could we finally get peer-to-peer iPhone and iPad sharing in iOS 7?

A report today from 9to5Mac indicates that Apple may finally be ready to keep up with the Androids and is currently testing AirDrop for possible inclusion in next week’s WWDC presentation, which is is good! However, 9to5Mac also ominously states that Apple could well decide to scrap the feature, which is very not so good.

Peer-to-peer sharing isn’t just a place where Apple is falling behind Android; it’s an area that Apple could leapfrog its competition in. Not only does it have a huge user base to pull from, it doesn’t have to deal with manufacturers like Samsung elbowing in and fragmenting its features. It would, hopefully, just work.

We’ll find out either way for sure in a week. But if Apple’s not ready to give its mobile products AirDrop now, after all this time, one wonders if it’ll ever get around to it.