A Longboard Stroller Is The Best Way To Transport Your Kid

Pushing a stroller is hardly the most exciting part of any parent's life — but this new longboard-come-buggy could make transporting your kid around town way, way more fun.

Developed by Quinny, the four-wheeled longboard is an experiment in re-thinking how parents can commute around the city. Featuring a full-scale stroller with ergonomic handles for a little stability and control, the longboard lets the parent cruise around town faster than they'd usually be able to. Slower than on a bike, perhaps, but certainly faster than walking. And a damned site more fun.

While it's still currently in the concept stages, Quinny is now collaborating with Studio Peter van Riet to evolve the design over the coming months and turn it into a commercial product. [Longboard Stroller via Design Boom]

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