A Gorgeous, Lightweight, Carbon Fibre Bike Designed Exclusively For Kids

Children are impossible to please, no matter now many Lunchables you ply them with. But even the most ungrateful tykes will appreciate getting one of Mores stunning Petitpierre kids bikes crafted from carbon fibre so they're easier to ride and manoeuvre.

Featuring everything from built-in LED safety lights, to a clever footrest built into the frame for kids just learning to ride, the bike's curvy design gives it a lower centre of gravity, which makes mastering the two-wheel balancing act a little easier. And at around 3kg, kids can easily lift it over curbs or other obstacles they're too small to tackle.

The only catch? A $2000 price tag that will probably have parents refusing to let their kids actually ride the Petitpierre so that it can be handed down for generations.

[Mores-Design via designboom]

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