A Classic Fiat 500 Had To Die So You Can Keep Your Drinks Cool

Although it was reborn back in 2007 as a similarly compact model, the original Fiat 500 showed the world, not just Europe, that you didn’t need a giant land yacht of a vehicle to be comfortable. So it’s a little sad to see that Smeg is working with Fiat to hack apart these iconic rides, and turn their front ends into mini fridges.

Under the Smeg 500’s hood you’ll find an instrument panel styled like the original Fiat 500’s which is used to adjust the temperature, and with a hundred liter capacity you can store everything from drinks to frozen foods inside. Pricing hasn’t been announced just yet, but when it’s available in June in three different colours you can probably expect it to cost a small fortune, and not just because air conditioning comes standard.

[Smeg Fiat 500 via Hypebeast]