Your Klout Score Can Actually Get You Something Good Now

Your Klout Score Can Actually Get You Something Good Now

We all know that Klout is weird and slightly obnoxious, but now you can actually do something with those meaningless social media ranking numbers: American Airlines is letting you use its lounge services if you’re an “influencer”.

Klout has teamed up with American Airlines to give all Klout users with a score of over 55 access to the Admiral’s Lounge services totally free. You don’t even need to be an American Airlines passenger to get the access, either.

That means that you’ll get access to 40 different American Airlines’ lounges all over the world if you can keep that score above 55.

By signing in to the American Airlines/Klout page, you authorise the app to check your Klout score as well as “topical data” before giving you a free day pass to the lounge that you need to sign up for. Seems like another way to grab hold of your data, but that’s ok if you can get a few free scotches out of it.

The Admiral’s Club offers free wine, beer and spirits, free Wi-Fi, access to charging points for your gadgets and free food. Not a bad perk for all those cat pictures on Facebook and Twitter. [Klout]