Yahoo Internet Life Magazine Is An Awesome Relic Of The Dot Com Era

Yahoo yesterday announced that it's buying Tumblr for $US1.1 billion to communicate to millennials cool, hip, relevant, and that it understands what GIFs are. But back in the early ages of the dot com-era, the company was saying that through a monthly publication called Yahoo Internet Life Magazine.

From 1995-2002, Yahoo's glossy was published by Ziff Davis, which licensed the Yahoo name. The mag featured regular columns from Roger Ebert, and, get this — critical reviews of not just gadgets but also websites. Just look at some of the covers. With hallmark names and phrases of the '90s like Monica Lewinsky, Seinfeld, email and webcam revolution, it's an incredible picture of the early years of the internet as a democratic concept. Hey, maybe if Yahoo was cool in the '90s, it can be cool again 20 years later.


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