What's Your Grubbiest Tech Confession?

Nobody's perfect. Some people Skype without a headset in public. Others insist on using Internet Explorer. Some weirdos even use Comic Sans without flinching. But what's your grubbiest tech confession?

We're all friends here, so let it out. It'll be cathartic. I promise.

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    Up until last year I had a bad habit of hooking my old VCR to my LED TV just so I could watch some old shows I had recorded. But i must stress that it didn't stay connected after I was done, it would be stashed away in a dark place until next time.

    I run the sound from my blu ray player via HDMI to my TV and then out to the stereo from the TV headphone port.

    It's disgraceful but my HiFi has no HDMI pass through.

      Has your TV and HiFi got optical input/output? I run HDMI from my devices to my TV then an optical cable to my older HiFi system from the TV which still gives me surround sound.

      Run the sound directly from the blu-ray player to the HiFi with whatever output it uses (RCA, 3.5mm), and mute the TV when you watch blu-rays. I did this with my VCR back in the day.

    When I tell you over the phone that i'm consulting with a colleague about your issue I'm actually searching for solutions in google :) 90% of the time

    I nerver make my LAN cables to standard, I just make sure all the colours are in the same sequence.

    Also, I have never software ejected a USB drive. Evar.

    I like using Microsoft products.

      Me too, especially Windows 8, IE10, Windows Phone 8 and Surface RT.

    We go through at least 5 cans of canned air a week.. Rarely if ever for the intended purposes xD

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      We go through at least 5 cans of canned air a week.. Rarely if ever for the intended purposes xD

      If you're suggesting that you are getting high off the contents of compressed air cans, you are incredibly stupid. The flurocarbons used in compressed air cans are fatal (often first time round) and they do not provide a high worth risking your life over.

      The fact that you refer to yourself in the third person suggest that you already have some sort of brain damage.

        Since we're talking about brain damage, here's an exercise for you. Identify any word in Michael's post above that is expressed in third person grammar.

        Haven't you ever played 'race the inanimate objects across the desktop using compressed air' or my personal favourite, 'farty noises with a wet hand and compressed air'?

    Sometimes I use my computer as a means of viewing pornographic material.

      I use my girlfriend for that

    i choose to allow itunes to manage my music on windows

    i dont clean my screen..... ever

      People like you are slowly turning me into a germaphobe.


    i use my tablet to take photos.
    Mainly just because I know someone, somewhere may be watching and writhing in the agony of not being able to complain to me about it.
    Suffer in ur jocks. :)

    I bought an Acer laptop and I'm too embarrassed to try and sell it.

      I'm very very happy with my Acer laptop. Good price and no problems.

    I really like the Preview application in OS X and often wish I had it on my PC at home.

    I buy software I want. Yes, with real money and all...

    I use MS Paint, but only in the nude.

    I use my smartphone while I poop.

      Don't you mean while ipoop?! Huh? Huh?! See what I did there?! Ahhhhh, I crack me up.

      I still make bad istuff jokes. Apparently.

    I don't use AdBlock. I get berated whenever I mention ads.

      The internet has ads? Woah!

        You should see the amount of ads I'm seeing on Gizmodo right now!

          *cue Everybody disabling adblock for this website*

    I collect 40GB and 60GB laptop hard drives and 256MB memory sticks in case I ever need one. I never do.

    I haz bad grammars on the internets. It drives spelling/grammar trolls nuts :-)

    I have my house networked with ethernet over power yet I'm too lazy to network my tv to my computer so for the past 6 months I transfer stuff onto portable HDD's and cart them up/downstairs.

    I also smoke in front of my computers, and get ash in my keyboards. I know it's really bad for them. They've had a persistent cough for a while. My desktop has been through two DVD drives in as many years.

    I... I actually really like Windows 8. I do.

      So do I.

      I even have a Surface.

      I even recommended a Surface to my mother (she adores it and recommends them to others herself, so that worked out).

      This coming from someone who didn't spell Microsoft in the 90s without a $.

    I don't really care too much about tech unless it lets me be lazier than I am right now.

    I know my computer is full of spy-ware,ad-ware and virus's but simply don't care.

      You never know, one day you might need that cheap "CIA L I$".

    I hate apple products, but when my wife's asleep, I steal her ipad and refer to it constantly when I play Skyrim just so I can stay a few levels ahead of her character...

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