This Is The Best Voice-Controlled Home You Have Ever Seen

Seriously, this guy has designed his own JARVIS-like voice-controlled home using nothing but (what looks like) a Nexus 4 and the help of an app or three. He uses it with truly natural-language and can string commands together to get different tasks done. This video is incredible, and the best part is that it cost him less than $US300.

Using Tasker plugins AutoVoice and AutoRemote to control a Micasaverde Home Automation gateway and Google TV.

His name is Doug Gregory, and using one home-automation gateway controller, four Z-Wave modules and some software, he's managed to create this awesome, bespoke command system for his house.

It controls everything from the lights around the room, right through to his media suite. Commands aren't stilted and annoying, either: it's controlled by natural-language commands via Google Voice on the Nexus 4.

You can check out the software he used to get it all working in his YouTube video description. [YouTube]

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