This Golf GTi Concept Is Flat-Out Mad

Sketching out some insane-looking beast is all very well, but actually making it? Now that’s a real challenge. Here’s an awesome 503HP Volkswagen GTI concept in the flesh, wheels and all. I want one of these beauties parked outside my house.

It’s almost like the Audi R8 and the Golf mated, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Compared to some of VW’s other insane-looking concepts, the design and specs of this one are practically down to Earth. In fact, who knows, VW might actually make this one. The Golf GTI needs a bit of a spruce-up to make it a proper sports-car-cum-hatchback. [VW]

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    This car is sooo close to looking good but the stripes and the velvet interior ruin the sleek futuristic look.
    It's so ugly
    Also is it auto?

      Its Auto - no visible clutch pedal i.e not a stick shift.

        Just because there is no clutch doesn't mean it is inherently an automatic transmission. As @alex said, it's DSG. It still has a gear stick, and the stick is still shifted so technically it is a 'stick shift'.

      DSG.... looks like auto but completely different under the hood

      Velvet interior? You're obviously not a car guy... its called alacantra, commonly used in high end cars, racing car steering wheels etc.

    This is why the Golf R was invented.

    Looks like an R32 concept moreso than a GTi, still looks fantastic.


    Is it normal to spell 'come' like that outside pornographic context?

      Yes, it's Latin indicating something of a combined nature.

        yes, sperm combined with seminal fluid = cum

          Cheers for 'clearing' that up.

    Looks just like the same as the W12 version... That one had more horses too

      i cant see any ponies under the hood in the picture

    Yeah gimme the W12 version. That thing is freaking nuts.

    LOL. DSG is not a stick shift. It's a clutchless manual. It's quicker than a manual but no where near as much fun.

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