This Dead Space Plasma Cutter Blinds And Burns With Lasers Instead

Apparently, today’s theme is dangerous DIY props, because, as a follow-up to the frightening 80,000-volt Thor hammer, we now have an equally terrifying replica of the Dead Space Plasma Cutter. As far as prop design and attention to detail go it’s beautiful, but the use of a pair of 1500-milliwatt burning blue lasers has us cautious about recommending this as a DIY.

Built by Patrick Priebe to be a near exact replica of the weapon used in the game, the Plasma Cutter apparently took over 200 hours to build and includes impressively animated elements in addition to three extra green lasers used for targeting. Thankfully the gun can’t just cut through anything like a lightsaber, but as demonstrated in the video, monsters made from either wood or plastic don’t stand a chance. [Laser Gadgets via Gizmag]