The Simplest Torch Is Just A Rolled Up Piece Of Paper

A torch is a crucial thing to have around the house, but even though it can be super useful, it's probably plastic and/or filled with DD batteries. Not exactly elegant. The Paper LED Torch Light on the other hand, is the picture of simplicity.

Designed by Kazuhiro Yamanaka, the Paper LED Torch Light is as simple as it seems. There's a single LED mounted on the inside, and when the paper is curved into a tube, two hidden switches turn it on. When the paper lies flat again, it goes off. It's not the first paper-light design we've ever seen, but it's definitely the most wonderfully simple.

As neat as it is, the Paper LED Torch Light doesn't seem to be on sale anywhere. But let's face facts; it probably wouldn't be a very good torch. Still, it's a pretty neat trick. And if you ever needed a torch that could hide, you'd be hard-pressed to find something better. [Designboom]

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