The Othermill Will Let You Cut Custom Circuit Boards And More

The Othermill Will Let You Cut Custom Circuit Boards And More

If you’ve got DIY in your soul and love the beeps, bloops and lights of circuit boards, the Othermill is a computer-controlled mill that’ll let you print your own circuit boards right at home. Even more, the mill can cut metal, wood, wax and plastic so you can make jewelry, molds and more. It’s a milling machine for your desk.

The 10-inch cube of the Othermill is currently a Kickstarter project looking to raise funds. Developed by Otherfab, the 3-axis mill is precise enough for high level electrical and mechanical prototyping work. Otherfab describes its mill saying:

The Othermill was designed with PCBs [printed circuit boards] in mind, and they were the very first thing we tested when we had a working machine. The precision and accuracy of the Othermill allows you to reliably cut 10 mil trace and space on FR-1 PCB stock. You can create custom circuits that fit into odd 3D printed parts, seamlessly integrate electronics into your clothing, and free up your Arduinos for other applications.

But you can do more than just circuit boards. Any milling tool with a 1/8′ diameter shank can be inserted into Othermill and will let you cut up your own jewelry from brass, birch, etc. and create your own plastic molds.

Check out the Othermill here. [Othermill Kickstarter]