The Aussie Xbox Durango Leaker Is About To Spill All His Secrets

The Aussie Xbox Durango Leaker Is About To Spill All His Secrets

Remember SuperDaE? He’s the guy who tried to sell two next-generation Xbox development kits on eBay, and subsequently earned himself a search and seizure visit from the FBI and the WA Police. As he awaits what he suspects will be a visit from the Police to arrest him today, SuperDaE has set up a deadman’s switch inside his FTP server to leak every dirty secret he has collected over the years.

Update: The day is now over and it looks like SuperDaE has been charged. Find out more here.

SuperDaE has been sitting in his apartment for months now, waiting the results of the multi-jurisdictional investigation by the Western Australian Police Service and the FBI in the US over his ownership of the Xbox Durango development console from Microsoft. Before police raided his home, Henry had spent a spell talking to serious characters from Microsoft HQ about his attempted sale of the Durango development kits on eBay.

After spending months in legal limbo, Henry now expects to be charged today.

The concept is simple really: if he doesn’t log into his FTP server come Monday night (WA time), the IP address, username and password get tweeted from his account. Those details will give people read-only access to all of his key files.

We’ve been given a peek inside the FTP server right now, and there are juicy files in there. We don’t know the file contents, but if SuperDaE has what they say he has — that is, information about the next Xbox that Microsoft doesn’t want to get leaked (among other things) — it’s going to be a real fireworks display.