The Aston Martin CC100 Concept Is Motoring At Its Most Pornographic

Oh my. Oh my word. This Meet the Aston Martin CC100: a concept car designed to celebrate an anniversary in the sexiest, fastest and most futuristic way possible.

The CC100 concept is a one-off car designed to celebrate 100 years of the Aston Martin brand we all know and love today.

It's designed as a futuristic homage to the the Aston Martin DBR-1: an open-topped racer decked out in full racing green. The CC100, however, is a futuristic roadster with blue accents, leather trimming and a half-door that opens sideways.

The CC100 is powered by Aston Martin's 6.0-litre V12 engine that absolutely purrs. Check out the video of how the CC100 went from a simple sketch in someone's notebook to the best looking car ever to grace a tarmac.

After you've watched it, go and perve on the gallery.

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